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 Many car owners prefer mobile navigation due to its being completely free and quick updating of maps. However, using the mobile navigation also cause a lot of confusion, for example, when their phone is placed on the armrest it would fall when braking.

In addition, if the mobile phone is not placed on a fixed position, you have to bow your head to look at it. As a result, many car owners will buy a car holder for phone for the sake of safety and convenience.

Basic classification :

The car holder for phone can be classified in different ways. The classification is simplified for easy reading.

It can be divided into the followings based on the installation mode of the car holder for phone and the way of fixing the mobile phones:

  • Installation mode of instrument panel: It is mounted on the instrument panel or the glass by the sucker or the glue base.
  • Installation mode of air outlet of air conditioner: It is mounted on the air outlet by clipping.
  • Installation mode of clips: Fix the mobile phone with clips (there are 3 sides and 2 sides).
  • Installation mode of magnetic suction:A piece of magnetic sheet on the back of the mobile phone is used to fix the phone with the support magnet.

Next, we will compare the advantages and disadvantages of some different types of car holders for phone. You can choose suitable products according to your needs.

  • Type 1 —— ROCK Mobile Phone Bracket

  • Installation mode: air outlet of air conditioner


Fixed mode of mobile phone: clipping.

Its appearance is a definite advantage, which is compact and easy to install.

When placing in your left hand position, it is very useful with a relatively wide vision, but can only be installed vertically.

The bracket is made of metal so that the thickness and size of the mobile phone are strictly limited. If the phone is too thick (more than 10 mm), it is difficult to fit into the bracket. A mobile phone with a screen of over 5 inches can be stuffed into the bracket, but it is easy to be scratched when it is taken out.


  • Type 2

Installation mode: air outlet of air conditioner

Fixed mode: magnetic suction

Its advantages are strong magnetic force and simple overall structure.  

But its disadvantages are also very obvious, that is, the limited small size without ball head structure, so the angle of the mobile phone cannot be adjusted.

Installation mode: Instrument stand

Fixed mode: magnetic suction


The advantages of this 360° magnetic bracket are that it can adjust the angle at will, and it has a smaller size and is widely used in most mobile phone models, portable and practical. So, it is the best car holder for phone for the driver.

  • Type 4

Installation mode: Instrument stand

Fixed mode: magnetic suction


When first disassembling this module, I thought it was broken, in fact, it didn't. I later found that it was well made. In a word, it has been well received.

The disadvantages are also very obvious. Although a 360° ball head adjustment design, due to the size of the bracket and the slightly small ball head, it is difficult for the mobile phone to maintain a comfortable position for a long time, instead, it is fixed mostly by the angle of the air outlet grille. the Angle of the air outlet grille to fix it.

Other TIPS:

  • Avoid buying the car holder for phone of air outlet type. The reason is very clear, that is, it has a really poor adaptability. If the air conditioning outlet is round or the air outlet grille is vertical, it cannot be installed, and the mobile phone bracket of air outlet type will cause an obvious damage to the air outlet grille.
  • Avoid buying a car holder for phone with a clasp connection between the tray and the bracket.
  • Use bottom brackets carefully, and avoid buying fixed bottom brackets
  • If your mobile phone screen is larger than or equal to 5.5 inches, it's better not to buy a fixed bottom bracket. When placing the mobile phone on it, its center of gravity is too low and thus it is very unstable. If it doesn’t have a multi-directional adjustment, the mobile phone screen will always be facing the ground and the fateful consequence is that the phone will fall directly.
  • Better to buy 360° multi-directional adjustable car holder for phone with the magnet

That's really important. The bracket, which the tray and the bracket are in fixed connection, will bring a traumatic experience because you have to adjust the angle slightly when you're driving, and it's impossible to pull up to loosen the bolts. That’s why I prefer this best car holder for phone style. If you want to get yours, click here to buy it!



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